Aeroponics at The Janus School

In March of 2016, The Janus School partnered with Aero Development Corp. in Gap, PA to install AERO aeroponics systems in our greenhouse.   Aeroponics, a method of growing plants without soil and often considered a form of hydroponics, grows plants by spraying their roots with water that is rich with nutrients.

Two senior Janus students are running the aeroponics systems as part of their senior internships this spring, growing Bibb lettuce and cilantro.  When the system is in full production, we hope to have 500 heads of lettuce growing at a time.  They will be planted in stages so all 500 do not mature at the same time.

The students begin by germinating lettuce and cilantro seeds in rockwool cubes.  Rockwool, made with spun threads of rock and chalk, is a growing media often used in horticulture and hydroponics.20160311_132059b  When the seedlings are big enough, they take each seedling, rockwool and all, and place it in a chamber in the aeroponics columns. 

We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to growing this program and integrating aeroponics into our curriculum.  Check back often for updates and more information.