Janus Summer Program Partner with Level Up Village

by Jonathan Back, Director of Summer Programs

LUP-JanusJanus is excited to partner with Level Up Village (LUV) to provide an interdisciplinary science and multicultural theme-based learning experience for students enrolled in our 2018 Summer Academic Program. LUV’s mission is to globalize the classroom and facilitate seamless collaboration between students from around the world via pioneering global STEAM (STEM + Arts) enrichment courses. They provide established curricula, training modules, and access to their global platform while we blend our expertise providing students the individualized supports and skill-based instruction that helps them become engaged and self-realized learners.

A key component of LUV curricula is centered on a concept referred to as global competency. This term refers to the skills, attitudes, and knowledge associated with becoming a global citizen. These competencies include communication skills, understanding multiple perspectives, and developing empathy all while being exposed to a specific content area that advances student knowledge.

Students enrolled in Janus Summer Academic Programs will be exposed to one of two specific STEAM enrichment courses- Global Scientist or Global Water Crisis. These curriculums and the global technology platform provided by LUV will enable our students to collaborate with a sister school located in a foreign country in order to compare water study data, conduct scientific experiments, share cultural perspectives, and discuss strategies to solve the world’s growing water crisis.

As always, our students’ academic and interpersonal skills will be advanced in accordance with their demonstrated needs. If enrolled at Janus during the 2017-18 school year, their end of year report will be used to tailor their instructional outcomes. Students new to Janus, or those enrolled in previous Summer Programs, will be given skill-based assessments and one-to-one tutorials in order to develop a report that will detail their areas of strength and growth opportunities as related to LUV’s curricula and our classroom observations.

Download our 2018 Summer Program Guide for more information!

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