b'The JULY 2023JANUS JOURNALMessage from Head of SchoolOUR MISSION Dear Janus Community,Our mission is toI hope this newsletter finds you enjoying the long summer days empower studentsand spending time with friends and family.Only a short month who learn differently toago we gathered at The Janus School to celebrate the accomplish-become creative lifelongments of our entire community, especially those of our seniors.learners by giving themNow, we look forward to the promise of the new school year and the skills, strategies, andadventures to come. confidence to achieveI also look forward to my first year as Head of School at Janus.Going into my 14th year, I am academic and personalhonored to have this opportunity to serve our community after having the privilege of working success. in the classroom as a faculty member for five years and the Director of Academics for 8.Janus is a place where students feel safe to take risks and trust that our caring faculty and staff will sup-port them and help turn any mistakes into learning opportunities.It is a place where students are met and supported where they are so that their independence grows.At Janus, we care for one another and celebrate the time we have together.Our mission is clear:we empower students to be the best versions of themselves, life-long learners, and problem solvers who are given the strategies they need to achieve academic and TheJanusSchool.org personal success.Our strong team of faculty and staff live that mission every day, with the great-717.653.0025 est reward being the success of our students.Thank you for supporting our students and helping them to achieve.FOLLOW USSincerely,Heather Strunk'