Is the Janus School accredited?

The Janus School is dually accredited by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS) and Middle States Association (MSA).

Do you accept students mid-year?

Yes. The determination of acceptance at mid-year is based upon the individual applicant.

How many students attend Janus?

Janus enrollment averages between 70-75 students per year.

What is the ratio of boys to girls?

The current ratio is 70% boys to 30% girls.

What kind of financial assistance is available?

Many of our students receive financial aid thanks to private donations, the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, and the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program. The single application process is straightforward, and the Director of Admission and Outreach is available to help you make the process simple and easy.

What grades does Janus serve?

Janus serves students in grades K-12.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio?

The current student-to-teacher ratio is 4-1.

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes range from three to ten students per class.

How can I get more information, an application, or arrange a tour of the school?

Contact the Office of Admission & Outreach at 717-653-0025, or request more information online.

Do you provide transportation?

The Janus School works with local transportation companies to offer busing/vans form several locations. Pick-up times vary based on route but typically start as early as 6:40am. Pick-up locations are available in Harrisburg, Lebanon/Hershey, York, and Reading. To coordinate transportation or get more information about fees, please contact our Director of Finance and Operations in the Business Office at 717-653-0025 x103.

Additionally, the Mount Joy Amtrak train station is one mile from the school, and transportation can be provided from the train station to the school at a nominal cost. Visit Amtrak to view the train schedule.

Does The Janus School administer the testing required for application?

No. A list of potential evaluators is available upon request or by contacting the Office of Admission & Outreach at 717-653-0025.

What makes a Janus education so unique?

Janus offers a very individualized education tailored to each child’s specific learning needs. This individual approach and the skills of our staff are unique to The Janus School. We help children learn their strengths, as well as how to manage and champion for their own learning profile. The goal is to help a student confidently become a successful and independent learner so that he or she can thrive in a traditional learning environment, such as college.

Where can I find more information about Janus policies?

All Janus policies are provided in the Janus Student & Parent Handbook. Our policies are developed with the student’s best interest in mind, and include topics such as policies on homework, student behavior, bullying, and grades. The Handbook is available through our Parent Portal.

How do students learn to be independent?

Students at The Janus School are directly engaged in learning about their personal learning profile. Students work to better understand their strengths and areas of need, and then learn strategies to become independent learners. The Schools Attuned: All Kinds of Minds neurodevelopmental framework is used to help demystify the struggles of each student. Many activities such as field trips, success classes, and opportunities for student leadership further support this learning. Students at Janus are active participants in this process and gain a deep understanding of who they are as a learner, helping them to become independent in school and life.

What opportunities will a student have to showcase his or her strengths and talents?

Students have a wide range of opportunities to showcase their strengths and talents. They can demonstrate and build leadership skills in Student Council, showcase their research and academic skills in the science or social studies fair, refine their athletic skills through sports or PE classes and field day, display their acting and singing talents in the annual school play, and share their writing skills by being published in Janus’ own literary publication.

Do Janus students wear uniforms?

No. Uniforms are not required at Janus. Please check the Student & Parent Handbook for policies regarding dress code.


Does The Janus School offer diplomas for their students?

Yes. Students earn a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania high school, secondary school diploma.

Do Janus students take the Keystone Exam?

No. The Keystone Exams are not required at Janus.

Does Janus give grades?

At Janus, we believe that student progress is best assessed through recognizing students’ developing self-esteem, confidence, awareness, internalization and application of skills, as well as through academic-focused narrative reports and standardized achievement testing. In the lower division (grades K-5), grades are not maintained as part of the students’ school records. Grades are kept in the middle division (grades 6-8). Grades and credits are maintained in the upper division (grades 9-12).

Do I need to continue outside tutoring if my child attends Janus?

No. Our tutoring program is individualized and intensive. All first year students receive a daily one-to-one diagnostic tutorial. Tutorial is available as a Flex service after the first year, based on need. By keeping tutorials within the school day, students are open to spend their time after school engaging in activities that build self-confidence and are non-academic-based, as well as independently learning to manage their school assignments.

Does Janus use a particular instructional program?

No. We teach diagnostically and individually, and do not promote any one instructional program.

What kinds of children do you have at The Janus School?

Students at The Janus School are of average to above average cognitive ability (whose primary challenges are not of a behavioral or emotional nature) striving to meet their potential in facing learning challenges.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

All teachers at The Janus School are specialist in their academic areas and are trained to work with children with learning disabilities.  Janus teachers are student-centered, innovative, active, collaborative, and are true professionals in teaching students following leading educaitonal models.  By implementing the All Kinds of Minds approach, our faculty and staff are able to gain greater insights into each student’s unique learning profile providing the opportunity for highly tailored approaches to their education.  Teachers are also trained in the systematic Orton-Gillingham reading program, which allows them to build and remediate skills at all levels.   Teachers have also adopted many of the principals of Michelle Garcia Winners’s social thinking and vocabulary in order to support our students’ understanding of social language, cues, and responses.

How do children do when they leave?

Alumni of The Janus School are empowered to take on the challenges of the next steps of their lives with confidence.  Our students and graduates have attended a wide variety of excellent schools after leaving Janus, entered the workforce directly, and entered into military service.

Does my child have to be a regular Janus student to participate in tutoring or summer programs?

No. Any student can take advantage of these outreach programs regardless of their interest in the school’s core academic program. Summer Programs at Janus offer families the opportunity to learn more about our school, but also to gain critical insights into their child’s learning style as they return to their regular school.

What are the hours of your school day?

Homeroom begins at 7:55am and students are dismissed at 3:00pm daily. Office hours are 7:00am – 3:45pm. Our office hours during the summer are 8:00am – 2:00pm, Monday through Thursday and 8:00am – 12:00pm on Friday. For school day closures, please view our calendar.

Does Janus have a Physical Education program?

Yes. The Janus School has a Physical Education program for all grade levels.

How are classroom placements decided?

Students at The Janus School are dynamically grouped in classrooms based on their academic needs. Core academic classes such as reading, writing, and math, are designed to meet students at their independent level and are therefore grouped by ability. The neurodevelopmental constructs are also considered when grouping students; these include areas such as organization, attention and focus, and language. Other classes such as socialization and communication, physical education, and art are mixed ability to offer opportunities for greater socialization. No matter the grouping or grade level, students follow a systematic scope and sequence specifically designed to meet the needs of students with learning differences.

How does Janus facilitate the college application process?

All seniors are enrolled in a Senior Success class, which guides the college search and application process.  Juniors and Seniors attend area college fairs and presentations by college representatives and Janus alumni.

Student Life

Does Janus have a lunch program?

Students may pack their own lunch or can purchase a lunch through our Hot Lunch Program. Hot Lunches are provided by the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center in Mount Joy and are priced at $4.00 each. Sample menus can be viewed here.

Lunch and break times are closely monitored and students are encouraged to use this time to socialize, as well as practice their socialization-communication skills.

Does Janus have a sports program?

The Janus School is a member of the PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association) and maintains a cooperative with Lancaster Catholic High School which allows students to join their athletic teams. In the fall, students can play tennis (girls), football, cross country, soccer (girls and boys), field hockey, and golf. In winter, students can participate in swimming, wrestling, and basketball (girls and boys). In spring, students can play tennis (boys), track and field, baseball, and softball.

Additionally, The Janus School hosts its own bowling team which meets during the second trimester. Visit the Student Life page for more information.

Does The Janus School have after-school activities for students?

In addition to social and fun events planned throughout the year by the Student Council and Student Service’s office, students are able to participate in sports through a PIAA cooperative with Lancaster Catholic High School and/or in a variety of clubs that meet directly after school.

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