The Janus School takes student privacy and safety very seriously. Part of our cybersafety curriculum is teaching students about the consequences and responsibilities of disclosing personal information online. At the same time, we recognize the value of online educational resources that require registration, where some personal information needs to be shared, such as first name and grade.

Teachers and administrators look carefully at the privacy policies for these resources before using them in classrooms. Some of the apps that we use at Janus (such as the Read&Write Chrome assistive technology extension) require parent/guardian permission when used by anyone under 18 years old, to comply with federal online safety laws.

You will find here a complete and continuously updated list of online educational resources that we use at Janus that require registration, therefore collect student data, with links to their privacy policies. A section in the Acceptable Use Policy explains that by signing that document, the parent/guardian agrees to allow their child to use the websites and/or applications listed there for educational purposes, and when needed, to allow their child’s teacher or a school administrator to create accounts for classroom use.

If you have any questions about student data privacy, please contact the Director of Technology at 717-653-0025 x100.

iPad Apps

This is not a list of all the iPad apps we use at Janus. This is a list of only those apps that require student registration.


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