Whether our students and alumni move to a new school after a few years at Janus, or attend a post-secondary school after graduation, they are prepared to tackle any academic challenge they face. At Janus, they gain the skills needed to be successful in learning and life.

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Our alumni are proof that a Janus education works.

Alumni of The Janus School are empowered to take on the challenges of the next steps of their lives with confidence.  Our students and graduates have attended a wide variety of excellent schools after leaving Janus, entered the workforce directly, and entered into military service.

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Wyomissing, PA

Looking to a Brighter Future

Our daughter Madison came to Janus two years ago.  At that time, she was at a true low point.  Not just struggling with daily school work but she was becoming more isolated and anxious every day.  Maddie had been seeing a great therapist weekly at this point for over a year.  Janus made a huge difference for her.  We honestly could not believe that in just a month of being there how much had changed for the better.  She started to feel better about herself and was talking to her peers again.

Maddie now talks about plans beyond high school in a positive way.  This always caused lots of anxiety for her in the past.  The support and tools Maddie has gained at Janus have given her a new outlook on the future.  I honestly cannot imagine where she would be without it.

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The Janus Journey

Cody’s journey started at The Janus School the Summer of 2011 when we noticed something was just “different”. He was a kindhearted rule following first grader who just could not seem to wrap his mind around school. Cody would come home daily with clothing all stretched out, chewed holes in it, and just so frustrated with understanding how to do his schoolwork.  Through outside counseling services, and trying to find answers we thought Summer school would be helpful to see if we could make some academic progress with Cody. I stumbled upon The Janus School.  After completing Summer school Janus provided us with a summary of findings. We took this information to Cody’s counselor; it was life-changing for Cody and our family. She explained to us that for the first time (ever) Cody was starting to hit bell curve. She told us, “Janus was the icing on the cake”. We needed to do whatever it took to get him in this school.

Our Janus journey started with such excitement. The immediate plan was to put supports around Cody to dig into Social Cognition, Receptive and Expressive Language deficits.  We started to learn that these areas are so important because in the beginning of your school career, you learn to read, but as you get older, you read to learn. Cody was missing the fundamental basics for this due to his inability to understand directions, hold conversations, formulate sentences and read.  This is when we started to understand that Mental Health differences are not just the typical serotypes you often read or hear about.  The Educators at The Janus School are invaluable. They set up a team of teachers, tutors, counselors, Speech-Language Pathologist and more to embrace your child and their needs. For the first time you can take that deep breath and know that your child is going to be accepted and will be provided an education based upon their needs and abilities – no exceptions!

During Cody’s time at Janus he not only became successful academically, but he learned how to handle stress, deal with his emotions, and how to advocate for himself. Through perseverance and working on deficits, he was able to overcome emotional and learning differences, allowing him to transition back into public school.  He is now a successful high school student who has a bright future ahead of him because of the outstanding staff and supports from The Janus School.  Cody may not attend Janus any longer, but we will always be forever grateful to our extended Janus family.

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AJ working with teacher
Strasburg, PA

Finding the Tools to Learn

Our son’s struggles in school became very apparent between 3rd and 5th grade.  As the academic demands increased at school, his anxiety increased.  He had a very difficult time keeping up with classwork and homework, and he no longer wanted to go to school because he felt lost. He was also overwhelmed by the number of students in his classes and he needed more individual attention than his classmates.  Despite attempts by his classroom teachers and a part-time itinerant support teacher, (which was all he qualified for) he was not successful.  His stress level increased and his self-esteem sank.  He no longer wanted to go to school and he became so stressed out that he developed several tics and started hiding in the classroom closet because he felt anxious and hopeless.

Home life was not much better.  I spent countless hours re-teaching our son the concepts that he was struggling with in school. Like many parents with children that have learning delays, homework time is the worst time of the day!  Trying to get a frustrated, exhausted, anxious child to focus on more schoolwork at home, after struggling all day at school, is awful and unfair to parent and child!  Our family suffered because my husband and I spent so much time focusing on his school issues and anxiety, and our daughter often felt neglected.

Something had to change, and it did when we found The Janus School.  When we took our first tour of the school, I remember the Head of School saying two things that really hit home. The first was, “We understand what it is like for you as parents, and we are here to help take some of that off of your shoulders.” For the first time, a teacher wasn’t coming to me to say, “This is what YOU need to do.” Instead, we were asked, “How can we help?”

The second, and most important thing I heard on the tour was, “We are going to teach your child HOW to be students.”  This was an “Aha!” moment for all of us.  Of course!!… You can’t possibly learn anything until you have the tools to learn! We spent the first five years of our son’s education helping him, instead of empowering him.  The teachers at Janus have changed that and challenged him to take charge of his own learning.  The Janus staff uses individual instruction, small class size and tutorials to help the children find their own individual learning style and truly become “Students.”  The staff has supported our son through every challenge and every triumph.  We are so grateful.

Today, he is a different child. He is confidant and happy. He still has his struggles, but he is able to use the tools and strategies that he has learned at Janus to manage those struggles.  The Janus staff has helped him blossom and truly live up to his potential! There are no words to express how LIFE CHANGING this school really is for the students and their families!

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