When you join the Janus family, your child will become part of a supportive school environment where they are warmly welcomed by teachers and classmates every day. They will explore, take risks, build confidence, and tackle their biggest challenges in a safe and nurturing community. This is what Janus is all about – building the tools and skills needed to empower your child for a successful future.

Janus is the learning difference. When your child struggles to learn, the impact is felt at school and home. Our intensive educational approach is transformational for both students and their families, providing critical support throughout your new learning journey.

Our faculty are dedicated to the needs of your child. With decades of experience, our teachers have the tools and knowledge to customize the best learning environment and strategies for your child.

Whether our alumni move to a new school after a few years at Janus, or attend a post-secondary school after graduation, they are prepared to tackle any academic challenge they face. At Janus, they gain the skills needed to be successful in learning and life.

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Changing Lives at School and Home

“We spent the first five years of our son’s education helping him, instead of empowering him.  The teachers at Janus have changed that and challenged him to take charge of his own learning.  There are no words to express how life changing this school really is for students and their families!” -Anonymous

parker janus alum

Parker Chadwick, Class of 2015

“Before I went to Janus I was a shell.  I was basically empty, not very talkative, and not passionate. I was devoid of character. But while I was there I created myself. I created a new me – the me that was always there but was denied its right to shine. Janus was a place of kindness, they knew from day one that I was more than that shell and they wanted to see who I was.”

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