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The use of a Donor-Advised Fund is a simple, tax-efficient way to support The Janus School and our mission to empower students with learning differences. With a Donor-Advised Fund, any money deposited into the DAF is immediately tax-deductible, while the donated funds are invested for tax-free growth. These funds can be given to an approved charity of your choice through personally-requested grants.

Access your Donor-Advised Fund online. You can recommend how much and how often money is granted to The Janus School, providing you with the opportunity to make an immediate impact. You can use your fund to provide future charitable gifts to Janus. You may also choose to leave a personal legacy by naming your fund. Some have chosen to use their personal names for the fund, while others have named theirs in honor and memory of a loved one (i.e. The Zachary Johnson Foundation or The Johnson Family Trust).

“When you give, you want your charitable donations to be as effective as possible. Donor-Advised Funds are the fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle in the United States because they are one of the easiest and most tax-advantageous ways to give to charity.” – Fidelity Charitable

Access Your Donor-Advised Fund Now


  1. If you haven’t already done so, create a Donor-Advised Fund.
    Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, and BNY Mellon are the top three.
  2. Make a tax-deductible donation to the fund.
    You can donate cash, stocks, or non-publicly traded assets like private business interests.
  3. Grow your Donor-Advised Fund through tax-free investments.
    Your donation has potential to grow over time, while you decide what charity it will be donated to.
  4. Support charities you love, now or over time.
    Request a grant from your Donor-Advised Fund; the public charity sponsoring your account will ensure your donation is going to a qualified organization and specific uses, such as a scholarship fund or annual fund.

For more information on Donor-Advised Fund giving opportunities, reach out.

Director of Development
Email: development@thejanusschool.org
Phone: 717-653-0025

To donate now, see the app below to access your Donor-Advised Fund. If you include The Janus School in your giving plans, please use our legal name, address, and federal tax ID.

Legal Name: The Janus School
Address: 205 Lefever Rd. Mount Joy, PA 17552
Federal Tax ID: 23-2578832

Donor-Advised Fund


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