Helping Students with Learning Differences Overcome Monstrous Odds

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Chances are, you know someone with a learning difference. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), one in five children in the United States have learning and attention issues. Due to a lack of awareness, incorrect perceptions, harmful stigmas, and repeated myths as well as a lack of adequate support and resources, children with learning differences face staggering barriers.

At The Janus School, our focus is to help students with learning differences unlock their potential and develop strategies to overcome the odds and thrive, and be successful in learning and life – both inside and outside the classroom. We are continually inspired by the spirit and resilience of our students and honored to be a part of their stories of triumph.

If you are supporting a child with learning differences and need help, are looking for answers, or have questions – we’re here to support you.
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Cody's Story

Cody was a kindhearted rule-following first grader who just could not seem to wrap his mind around school. Cody would come home daily with clothing all stretched out, chewed holes in it, and so frustrated with understanding how to do his schoolwork.

Our Janus journey started with such excitement. The immediate plan was to put support around Cody to dig into social cognition, receptive and expressive language deficits. We started to learn that these areas are so important because in the beginning of your school career, you learn to read, but as you get older, you read to learn. Cody was missing the fundamental basics for this due to his inability to understand directions, hold conversations, formulate sentences and read. Janus set up a team of teachers, tutors, counselors, and a speech-language pathologist. For the first time, we took that deep breath and knew our child was going to be accepted and provided an education based upon his needs and abilities – no exceptions!

During Cody’s time at Janus, he not only became successful academically, but learned how to handle stress, deal with his emotions, and how to advocate for himself. Through perseverance and working on deficits, he was able to overcome emotional and learning differences, allowing him to transition back into public school. He is now a successful high school student who has a bright future ahead of him because of the outstanding staff and support from The Janus School.

Mick F. Child smiling, holding two small bowling balls

McKinzie's Transformation

McKinzie was diagnosed with a learning difference when he had a traumatic brain injury in 2017, affecting his memory recall. When he had the injury he couldn’t remember small things. In his old school he was in a much larger classroom which was fast-paced. He was struggling with learning at his level. We had him tested and as a seventh grader, he was learning at a first and second grade level. We had informed the school of this and they told us they would do everything they could to help him but for a year he continued to struggle. Every day he came out of school and hated it. We saw a boy who loved school come out unhappy, crying, upset, and being bullied. So we started looking at different options.

We researched Janus online and attended an Open House in May of 2017 to ask all of our questions. Once they explained the school and the motto of new doors opening, we knew we had to try to get him to Janus. The first day that he came out of school you could tell he was happy. And every day from that point on he comes home happy and talks about what he is doing the next day, his projects, and what he is learning. When he came to Janus he was put in smaller groups that taught at his pace which helped him improve his memory recall

His self-confidence has gone through the roof. With joining the bowling team he’s doing even better with the camaraderie of the team which is really warming for a parent to see how a school provides that type of atmosphere. Janus is our little family. It is a place we call home. To us it’s not just a school, it’s a place that loves children with learning disabilities and actually cares not just about those children, but their families and goes the extra mile to see them succeed in life. This school gave us back our little boy. We cannot express our thanks to Janus for that.

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Meet Madison

Our daughter Madison came to Janus two years ago. At that time, she was at a true low point. Not just struggling with daily schoolwork but she was becoming more isolated and anxious every day. Maddie had been seeing a great therapist weekly at this point for over a year. Janus made a huge difference for her. We honestly could not believe that in just a month of being there how much had changed for the better. She started to feel better about herself and was talking to her peers again.

Maddie now talks about plans beyond high school in a positive way. This always caused lots of anxiety for her in the past. The support and tools Maddie has gained at Janus have given her a new outlook on the future. I honestly cannot imagine where she would be without it.


Tyler's Journey

When Tyler was six years old he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrom, now called autism spectrum disorder. Before finding The Janus School, we decided to take Tyler out of public school and did home-schooling for one year. He was often combative over being told what to do at home and for school and it was too difficult for all of us. He also wasn’t getting any social interaction which made it hard for him to connect.

Tyler came to Janus in Fall of 2016 after attending summer school here. He came for his three day trial period and fell in love with the school. Since attending The Janus School his self-esteem has flourished. In public school he was withdrawn. Being here with other kids who have learning differences makes him more comfortable and he doesn’t feel alone. He often says Janus is calm for him. In public school, everything was very hectic so he very much enjoys the calmness and having a small class size. The teachers at Janus are a night and day difference, they make him feel included and give him the tools to complete his work rather than leaving him on his own.

The teachers truly care. They don’t just say they care, they back it up with their actions. It makes a parent feel good knowing that their child is with people all day long that truly care about them.

The peace of mind knowing your child is not going to be bullied or picked on and that they will get a lot more out of their education has no price tag. Tyler now hopes to become a History teacher and The Janus School is preparing him to succeed in whatever he wants to do.

Robby B. Boy smiling in the foreground with a girl in the background with a clipboard.

Robby's Story

My son Robby was diagnosed initially with ADHD and some sensory issues in Pre-K. He struggled in school so we looked for a school that would help him grow in the areas that he had deficits and that recognized that he was going to be different, but not less.

At Janus, everyone is involved in his education and his growth. He can’t hide like he did in public school. The teacher-to-student ration is much better and the attitude of the entire Janus staff is one in which they are not going to let him slip through. The teachers at Janus easily understood Robby’s nuances and were willing to help him work on challenges and rise above them.

The Janus School has pushed Robby in subtle ways. He has more meaningful homework than before and the teachers recognize that he can do more and do well but needs to be pushed a little. Janus has helped Robby to be less rigid and to adapt better to the world around him.

Initially when we looked at Janus and we didn’t pursue it because we could not afford it financially. My one regret is that we would have pushed through that fear of the finances to look for aid and find a way. If you think Janus can help your son or daughter and Janus believe they can help, then whatever your situation is in life, talk to them and they can help you figure it out. If you believe and the school believes they can help your child, then don’t stop.

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