2023 Janus School Seniors

The Janus School’s Class of 2023

As they near graduation, our senior students take a moment to reflect on their Janus journeys, the impact their education has made, and things they’ll always remember about their experience at The Janus School (including great achievements, friendships, and newly discovered passions). We are excited to see them thriving and look forward to seeing what their futures hold.

At The Janus School, we help students confront their learning differences head-on and become their own biggest advocate, so they can be successful both in and out of the classroom… today and beyond graduation. From dedicated teachers to our personalized education approach, our students are empowered to succeed.

Sebastian 2023


“Janus has changed my life by helping me to better understand my learning difference. Janus has taught me to be a hard worker and to be successful with my learning difference.”

In addition to learning how to thrive with his learning difference, Sebastian has also gained friendships and confidence in social interactions with others. He’s learned how to become more independent and has grown both personally and academically. A bright future awaits and we look forward to seeing what’s in store next for him on his journey to graduation!

Dylan 2023


“Teachers have helped me better understand classwork like reading and math. I am thankful for the help of the teachers and tutors. They have worked with me to better understand how I learn best. Janus has changed my life for the last seven years.”

Dylan’s progress and transformation has been remarkable, understanding how to manage his learning difference, be his own best advocate, and how to continue learning every day. We look forward to seeing what Dylan will do next!

Aidan 2023


“Janus has made a huge impact in my life; it has taught me how to be a successful individual and inspired my interest in going to college. I love how everyone here is always willing to give you a second chance. Janus is what every school should be like. I’ve made many friends, and the teachers are very supportive and always there to help.”

As great of an impact as Janus has made in Aidan’s life, Aidan has also made a great impact on his teachers’ and classmates’ lives. Seeing his growth throughout his time at Janus has been an inspiration to many, as he’s learned ways to better understand his learning difference and how to overcome obstacles and achieve his goals.

Tina 2023


“At Janus, things got better for me. Being here helped me improve and not be so hesitant to ask for help.”

Tina recognizes that, throughout her journey, there have been points where some things became more challenging than others, which sometimes led to a feeling of loneliness. She has grown so much by learning how to express herself, and she has shared that a turning point in her Janus journey was when she realized she was keeping her grades up and feeling heard and encouraged by others at school. There have been many positive changes for Tina, and we are honored to be a part of her education journey!

Michael 2023


“Janus has changed my life… in both academics and in social interactions and helped me gain knowledge of how to interact with people. Janus has become a place where I’m around people who have challenges just like me. It feels like we’re family here.” 

Michael has learned, grown, and excelled in many ways at Janus that will help him throughout his life as he continues to think about what will come next after graduation. Before attending Janus, he felt teachers did not know how to help him neither socially nor academically. He describes how the difference at Janus has been lifechanging, impacting him personally, socially, and academically.

Tyler 2023


“Janus made me feel less alienated because I’m not the only one to have a learning difference. The teachers understand students here better than anywhere else.” 

At his previous school, Tyler was easily overwhelmed by the number of students in the building, the larger classroom sizes, and few students whom he could relate to with a learning difference. He has thrived at Janus in smaller classroom sizes with individualized learning instruction, receiving personalized help from teachers, and surrounded by peers with learning differences. He’s even surprised himself with how much he enjoys different classes like Public Speaking, Government, and Debate. We know a bright future awaits Tyler, and we can’t wait to see what he will accomplish in the years to come.

Caleb 2023


“Janus helped me find my way of learning, the accommodations I need, and strategies I can use to help me after Janus. Janus has helped shape the person I am today and I look forward to my next journey!

Caleb’s journey has been filled with opportunities to create memories he’ll hold onto for all the years to come, from birthday parties and hangouts with his Janus friends to having the ability to openly share his Bible readings and personal story with others. As internships approach for his senior year, he is excited to see what new memories will be made and where his future will take him.

Carter 2023


“Janus has changed my life. It’s allowed me to take higher math classes so I can be prepared for future employment.” 

From challenging himself in Math class to improving his skills in Speech and Debate class, Carter continues to work hard every day. He has connected with peers who have similar interests, enjoyed learning how to play new card games, and has shared that he’ll always remember learning about history and the significance of recent and current events. We look forward to seeing what more he accomplishes throughout his senior year and know he will continue to prepare himself for the future.

Shannyn 2023


“Janus helped me explore what kinds of art I could work on, as well as helped me further my knowledge of the craft.” 

Shannyn discovered her passion for art throughout her experience at Janus and she’s succeeded in many different areas of her education and learning journey as well, including greatly improving her writing skills. She’s enjoyed the creative freedom to draw and explore a variety of unique projects, and we can’t wait to see how she will continue to do more of what she loves throughout her senior year and beyond graduation.

Tristan 2023

Meet Tristan

“I’ve excelled for the first time in years. Janus has done more for me than any other school I’ve had in my life.” 

Tristan shared his previous school experience as a time in his life when he felt like giving up. And while he was able to rediscover the will to keep learning in school, he expressed that the school he previously attended failed to help him put his best effort forward. At Janus, he has continuously learned how to adapt with his learning difference and how to overcome challenges and strive to succeed. Tristan feeling the accomplishment of “excelling for the first time in years” is something we are so proud to be a part of. We look forward to seeing what more is in store for his senior year and beyond!

Val 2023


“Janus has made learning fun and interesting. It’s helped me expand my knowledge of the world.”

From the teachers, faculty members, and his friends to fun and unique school days that included hand-on activities like growing lettuce and taking care of Rainbow Trout, Val has enjoyed many aspects of his Janus experience. He has stepped out of his comfort zone for public speaking opportunities, learned how to confidently communicate with others, improved his math skills, and more. While he credits much of his transformation to the one-on-one instruction at Janus and teacher support, his life is also changed because of the consistent effort he has put into his education, relationships, and real-life experiences!


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