At The Janus School, the only independent day school in Central PA dedicated to serving students in grades K-12 with learning differences, we know not all great minds think alike. We understand when a child struggles with a learning difference, the impact is felt at school and home.

At Janus, we teach differently. Our whole child approach focuses on empowering students to understand and confront their learning difference head on whether it’s:

  • A language- or math-based learning disability
  • ADHD
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Executive function difficulties (EFD)
  • Nonverbal learning disorder
  • Auditory processing disorder

Our greatest inspiration comes from the amazing stories of transformation as students learn to learn and turn feelings of fear and frustration into hope and fulfillment, thriving both in an out of the classroom. We invite you to meet a few of our students (and their families) and hear how their lives changed when they learned to understand and manage their learning differences.

If you are supporting a child with a learning differences and need help, are looking for answers or have questions, reach out to the Janus team. We are here to support you.

cody smiling

Cody's Story

From Cody’s Parents: Cody was a kindhearted rule-following first grader who just could not seem to wrap his mind around school. Cody would come home daily with clothing all stretched out, chewed holes in it, and so frustrated with understanding how to do his schoolwork.

Our Janus journey started with such excitement. The immediate plan was to put support around Cody to dig into social cognition, receptive and expressive language deficits. We started to learn these areas are so important because in the beginning of your school career, you learn to read, but as you get older, you read to learn. Cody was missing the fundamental basics for this due to his inability to understand directions, hold conversations, formulate sentences and read. Janus set up a team of teachers, tutors, counselors, and a speech-language pathologist. For the first time, we knew our child was going to be accepted and provided an education based upon his needs and abilities – no exceptions!

During Cody’s time at Janus, he not only became successful academically, but learned how to handle stress, deal with his emotions, and how to advocate for himself. Through perseverance and working on deficits, he was able to overcome emotional and learning differences, allowing him to transition back into public school. He is now a successful high school student who has a bright future ahead of him because of the outstanding staff and support from The Janus School.

madison working at computer

Meet Madison

From Madison’s Parents: When Madison arrived at Janus she was at a true low point. Not just struggling with daily schoolwork but she was becoming more isolated and anxious every day. Maddie had been seeing a great therapist weekly at this point for over a year. Janus made a huge difference for her. We honestly could not believe that in just a month of being there how much had changed for the better. She started to feel better about herself and was talking to her peers again.

Maddie now talks about plans beyond high school in a positive way. This always caused lots of anxiety for her in the past. The support and tools Maddie has gained at Janus have given her a new outlook on the future. I honestly cannot imagine where she would be without it.

Alec in Greenhouse

Alec's Journey

From Alec: Autism spectrum disorder impacted all facets of my life prior to my time at Janus. In the classroom, I found it difficult to keep up. Outside of class, I struggled to make and keep friendships because it was hard for me to speak to people and identify social cues. I came to Janus at tenth grade and things immediately began to turnaround. The faculty and staff understood my individual needs encouraged me to face my fears and strengthen my weaknesses. I graduated and achieved a 4.0 and made friends and new life experience I will carry with me always. My most cherished memories are helping install and take care of the aeroponics greenhouse system where I gained skills that guide me in my job today as a grower and caretaker at an area greenhouse.


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