Student Life


School is about more than academics. At Janus, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities through various clubs and sports to help students develop stronger social skills, find new interests, raise self-esteem, and build strong relationship skills.

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A variety of clubs are offered after school and each is tailored to meet the interests of students. Clubs change annually depending on student interest but have included Outdoor Club, Robotics, Girls on the Run, Tennis, Art, Yoga, and Running. The number of times each club meets per week and the length of the sessions vary depending on the specific club focus and program. Students are always encouraged to share new ideas to help develop additional clubs!

Sports, Band & Color Guard

Middle and Upper Division students are encouraged to join the Janus Bowling Team which meets during the 2nd trimester. Students practice after school and have scheduled matches with other local high schools.

Upper Division students are also able to participate in band, color guard, and a variety of other sports through a cooperative with Lancaster Catholic High School. Participation includes all practices and athletic events. For more information, please contact Jan Gillespie at or Jonathan Back at

The following sports are available to students through LCHS:


  • Tennis (girls)
  • Football
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer (girls and boys)
  • Field Hockey
  • Golf


  • Swimming
  • Wrestling


  • Tennis (boys)
  • Track and Field
  • Baseball

Creative Arts

A meaningful, comprehensive art program accomplishes much more than providing students with an alternative to traditional academics. Curriculum and instructional techniques are designed to help students acquire and strengthen these specific skills.

Art instruction begins with a student's current level of artistic development. A student's learning style, age, interests, and potential difficulties should also be considered. A combination of step-by-step instruction, concrete examples, and modeling of specific skills are vital to helping students acquire new types of skills. Allowing students time to practice and then apply those skills to their projects builds their confidence, and allows them to better communicate their ideas. Herein lies the fundamental difference in The Janus School art program in comparison to a traditional school setting.

Lunch Program

Through a partnership with the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center in Mount Joy, Janus offers daily lunch options for students that are healthy, well-balanced, and provide all the nutrition they need to succeed at school. Each meal includes milk or water, fruits and vegetables, proteins, and grains. Students with restricted diets or allergies can be accommodated with special meals. Menus are distributed on a monthly basis for pre-orders. Click here to see a sample menu.


The Janus School provides roundtrip busing options for students from around the region. Buses make multiple stops at predetermined meeting points around Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Reading, and Lebanon/Hershey. Visit our Affording Janus page for more information on the costs of these services.

An alternative form of transportation available to Janus students is the Amtrak train. The Mount Joy Amtrak train station is one mile from the school, and transportation can be provided from the train station to the school at a nominal cost. To view the train timetable, visit

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