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The Janus School is proud to announce the NEW Inspired Beginnings Scholarships, a program for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, that offers $4,700 in scholarship funds each year a student is enrolled at Janus.

The Inspired Beginnings Scholarship is available to students in kindergarten through grade five and provides $4,700 in scholarship funds every year a student is enrolled in those grades at The Janus School. All families with children in kindergarten through fifth grade at The Janus School are eligible to receive the scholarship following admission. While receiving the scholarship, families will also still be eligible to apply for other tuition assistance and financial aid.

“For children with dyslexia, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder and other non-verbal and executive functioning learning differences, early access to support resources can be critical to success in and out of the classroom,” said Jan Gillespie, Head of School at The Janus School. “Inspired Beginnings is focused on helping families gain access to the vital educational and support resources that help their children develop learning strategies early, which can make a tremendous difference in fostering an ongoing love of school and learning.”

All current students in kindergarten through fifth grade will also receive the scholarship while enrolled in those grades at Janus.

“At The Janus School, we believe that not all great minds think alike, and we focus on helping children with learning differences ’learn to learn,’ empowering them with skills to help them succeed in and out of the classroom,” said Gillespie. “The new Inspired Beginnings Scholarship will help make Janus’ personalized education even more accessible to families across the Central PA area and is another important step in our focus on helping students with learning differences and their families learn to thrive.”

For more information on the Inspired Beginnings Scholarship, please contact the admission team.

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