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Summer Success Tips: Helping Neurodiverse Students with Learning Differences Thrive

Freedom from homework and days filled with sunshine sound so refreshing at first, but days and days of unstructured time could be filled with anxiety and stress for children with learning differences. To help curb the stress for you and your child and keep the learning momentum going, we are sharing summer strategies and tips to set everyone up for success. Check out the article to learn more.

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5 Learning Differences Myths and the Facts to Set Them Straight

Chances are, you know someone facing the challenges of a learning difference. 1 in 5 students in the United States have learning and attention issues. Check out our blog for 5 common myths when it comes to learning differences and the real facts to set them straight.


Success Story: Meet Parker – Archaeological Field Technician & Janus Graduate

“Everyone at Janus helped me realize my own potential and gave me the hope for the future I wished to create. The support level of the staff and students – I say students, too, because it really was everyone there – built the environment that helped teach me new ways to approach things, interact with others, and understand myself,” shared Parker Chadwick, 2015 Janus graduate.

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Anxiety & Stress – The Difference and How to Help

Helping children with learning differences manage these powerful emotions can have a transformative impact on how they feel about and perceive themselves, others, and the world around them. Read more about the five ways that you can help to provide an even more positive and encouraging environment for your child, helping them recognize, manage, work through, and overcome obstacles related to anxiety and stress.

Social Thinking Conference

Social Thinking Conference Aug. 18 Featuring Debbie Meringolo

Join us for a hands-on course featuring a leader in Social Thinking, where you will learn how to help individuals with learning differences better navigate social interactions, foster relationships, work well with others, and learn the cause and effect of their behaviors.

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Learning with Autism & Overcoming Education Obstacles

Chances are you may know someone who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As the number of ASD diagnoses continues to climb, we are seeing an increasing number of students impacted in unique ways by this complex learning difference.

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Helping Children Talk About Learning Differences

How children talk about learning differences and how they speak about and for themselves greatly impacts their self-confidence, sense of security, and their ability to ask questions and seek understanding.

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