As students return to school, many experience mixed emotions from excitement and joy to fear and dread. For students with learning differences such as a language- or math-based learning disability, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), executive function difficulties (EFD), non-verbal learning disorder or auditory processing disorder, back-to-school stress and anxiety can be magnified as they face the unknowns of new routines, teachers, and classmates.

Hear Heather Strunk, Head of School at The Janus School, discuss strategies and tips to help set your child and family up for success during this time of transition.

Tip #1: Get Organized

Create a calendar to track what needs to be accomplished. Record classwork and important dates and be sure to highlight deadlines. Color-coding the schedule and supplies needed for each class can help make finding things easier. Set aside time for organization each day to help reinforce it.

Tip #2: Set and Keep a Daily Schedule

Set and keep a daily schedule to create consistency and predictability. Plan meals for the same time each day and maintain a regular bedtime to make sure everyone gets plenty of rest. Set aside consistent times for homework, studying and any screen time allowed.  And don’t forget to make time for family and fun! Routines can be a powerful reinforcement for children with learning differences as they adjust to change.

Tip #3: Advocate for Assistance and Open Lines of Communication

As the new school year begins, it may be necessary to advocate for assistance and open lines of communication. Be sure to review your child’s IEP thoroughly to re-ground your family in the plan and available support. Keep a written or electronic log to track communications with your teaching and support team and encourage older children to participate by logging their experiences to build confidence and skills to be self-advocates. Remember to trust your gut and when needed, don’t hesitate to request phone calls and meetings to keep the lines of communication open.

We’re Here to Help!

At The Janus School, the only independent K-12 day school in Central Pennsylvania dedicated to the needs of students with learning differences, we are working closely with families to support seamless back-to-school transitions. We hope these tips help ease the process for your child and create the foundation for a successful school year. Not all great minds think alike, and empowering students with the right tools, techniques and personal support can unlock their gifts and potential in the classroom and in life.

If you believe your child may be struggling with a learning disability and are interested in learning more about our private school and tuition assistance, get in touch. Our team can connect you with the resources and support to take the next positive step for your child and family.

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