EITC Scholarship Program Webinar

Join us Oct. 19 for a free webinar to learn more about redirecting your PA taxes to fund scholarships for The Janus School! Register today and see the process for EITC giving and hear current Janus donors share their experiences.

Social Thinking Conference

Social Thinking Conference Aug. 18 Featuring Debbie Meringolo

Join us for a hands-on course featuring a leader in Social Thinking, where you will learn how to help individuals with learning differences better navigate social interactions, foster relationships, work well with others, and learn the cause and effect of their behaviors.

Student raising hand in classroom

Learning with Autism & Overcoming Education Obstacles

Chances are you may know someone who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As the number of ASD diagnoses continues to climb, we are seeing an increasing number of students impacted in unique ways by this complex learning difference.

Teacher helping student

Helping Children Talk About Learning Differences

How children talk about learning differences and how they speak about and for themselves greatly impacts their self-confidence, sense of security, and their ability to ask questions and seek understanding.

Female student working at a desk with books and a water bottle

Student Success Plans: Accommodations vs. Modifications

Accommodations (such as a quiet room in which to take a test) and modifications (including instructional adaptions) are a critical part of successful individualized learning plans for students with learning differences. Learn how they differ and how to ensure your student is receiving the right support.

cartoon of a brain lifting weights

Exercise for the Brain

The importance of exercise to keep our brains healthy and ideas to keep families moving in a virtual learning environment.

student in science class

The Secret of Life

One of my favorite psychologist is John Gottman, a marriage and family psychologist who has done extensive research on couples and relationships. In fact, his research is so well respected it is considered the “Gold Standard” of psychological research.

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